Earl (he/him)
Earl is a human wizard who grew up working as a street magician before getting his first job at the insurance company Venus. Now he’s in his sixties, and he can finally retire tomorrow! Earl believes strongly in his right to bear arms… and to Bear arms.
Played by: Drew

Adriana Arkady Usko (they/them)
Cler Adriana Arkady Usko (Adie for short) is a human paladin who is fully committed to living by half measures. They work as an insurance investigator, but their real passion is the Church of the Born, which values living beings over technology, Raised in a technophobic cult, they’re pretty sure they’re a moderate now. These things happen.
Played by: Ev

HuM4N (she/her)
HuM4N (pronounced “Human”) is a robot and a druid. It’s awesome. She was taken in by the Archdruid and created a church dedicated to giving everyone a voice (which also doubles as an accidental cult!) Only problem is robots aren’t paid, and the other druids don’t like her so she can’t really stay with any of them. Guess it’s time to get a job!
Played by: Ellie

Zibyl (zey/zem)
Zibyl is a ratfolk hacker and LARPer. Growing up in a large family in the slums on the edge of the city, Zibyl learned how to survive on zir own, and has made it zir mission to make sure nobody else has to do the same. Of course, since zey have been caught and charged with vandalizing the Dreaming, Zibyl’s plans have been put on hold.
Played by: Ronnie