Jess (she/her)
Jess will have a bio soon! She is @jesspretend on Twitter.
Read her webcomic here.
Play her Very Accurate Ayn Rand Simulator here.
Plays: GM






Ellie (she/her)
Ellie is a Brit in the US, and currently lives in Oregon. She’s been playing D&D among other tabletop games since 2004. She is a student working towards a creative writing degree, and will publish something in the future when it’s “good enough”. In the meantime, she enjoys writing some bad advice on her blog, and doing Dicey Situations. She is @theundeadlemon on Twitter.
Read some #BadLifeAdvice here.
Plays: HuM4N (Human)






Avery/Ev (they/them)
Avery is a writer, editor, and cook living in Arizona. They used to play D&D and Pathfinder in real life, and now they have a better time doing it on the internet with friends. They are learning how to produce a podcast as they go. They are @crapiocaa on Twitter.
Check out their poetry and collage here.
Plays: Adriana Arkady Usko (Adie)






Ronnie (they/them)
Ronnie is a comic artist and storyteller living in Ontario, Canada. They started roleplaying on forums in the early 2000s and never really stopped. When not creating podcasts with the Dicey Sitch crew, they are usually listening to some while working on freelance illustration and design. They are @ronithebear on Twitter.
Check out their website here.
Read their webcomic here.
Plays: Zibyl



Drew (he/him)
Drew is a graphic designer and marketing coordinator working in Ontario, Canada. He grew up passing stories like notes in class and even met his now-spouse Ronnie while roleplaying on Tumblr (no, really). Dicey Sitch is a welcome break from his work during the week.
You can find him on the internet somewhere.
Plays: Earl






Finn (he/him)
Finn will have a bio soon!
Check out his blog here and his YouTube channel here.
Plays: Music