Pinnacle Episode 6.5: A Cog Is Turning

October 10, 2017

The 5 Tenets of the Church of the Born:

  • Honor the Blood
    • All living beings are bound by Blood. Blood family, yes, but also relationships, communities, connections – all of these are bound in blood between living things, and that bond must be respected. Altruism, community building, hospitality, and kindness to animals are ways to honor the Blood
  • Honor the Brain
    • Machines don’t think or create. People must strive to do both, and most importantly, to make mistakes and then learn from them. Creativity, education, magic, and communication are ways to honor the Brain.
  • Honor the Muscles
    • Human effort is worth more than the programming of a computer. When a task can be achieved through one’s own labor, it must be done. Effort, exploration, service, and protecting one’s family and home are ways to honor the Muscles.
  • Honor the Skin
    • Machines cannot feel. In order to be a true person, one should glory in their surroundings, in their lives and loves. Mindfulness (in the Buddhist sense), empathy, sincerity, and encompassing love are ways to honor the Skin
  • Honor the Bone
    • The body is not eternal. Once a being has died, it must be returned to the circle of life. To deny that is an abomination. Grieving, building a legacy, and an abhorrence of Necromancy and the undead are ways to honor the Bone.


In this episode, Hum4n (Ellie) and Adie (Avery) face some ecumenical questions. Thank you for your patience while we work out audio issues!

Dicey Situations ( and @diceysitchcast) is an actual play rpg podcast starring Jess (@jesspretend), Drew, Ellie (@theundeadlemon), Avery (@crapiocaa) and Ronnie (@ronithebear). Cover art by Ronnie, music by Jess.

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