Pinnacle Episode 6: What’s The Dexterity Of A Segway?

September 25, 2017

How can you perform last rites if the dead can rise again? How do you know– there are necromancers who conduct artistic ministrations with puppets of deceased flesh, there are lights snuffed out that people still use to see. There is an old prayer, that starts “Now I lay me down to sleep, my body remains, do not weep;” that is, with magic and technology at the extent to which they are in the present day, how can we count a body as a body? How can we count breath as breath? How do we due to the dead still present?


To find out more about our mortuary and funeral services, please contact Agram & Son & Omma & Robot, Pinnacle’s finest proprietor of dues for the dead. Don’t forget, just because they’re kicking it doesn’t mean they can’t kick you! Bury two relatives within one week with us, and get a cremation free!


  • Funeral home advertisement, 200 years after the Crash.


In this episode, Earl (Drew) de-escalates a situation, Hum4n (Ellie) tries to climb a building, Adie (Avery) does their best at detective work, and Zybil (Ronnie) smells all, eugh.

Dicey Situations ( and @diceysitchcast) is an actual play rpg podcast starring Jess (@jesspretend), Drew, Ellie (@theundeadlemon), Avery (@crapiocaa) and Ronnie (@ronithebear). Cover art by Ronnie, music by Jess.


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