Pinnacle Episode 4: You Did Good at a Bad Job

August 14, 2017


The Ina the Innocent children’s program was a long running virtual reality show popular with young people about 200 years after the founding of Innocence, Inc. and the dreaming. The show was dreamt up by Innocence’s billionaire founder and aging elf, Richard Mark Toren-by Rain-and-Salt Innocent. The idea was to make Innocent’s dreaming not only popular with adults and teens, but to ensure true loyalty to the company through a series of fun sounding jingles and patriotic storylines.

The protagonist was Richard Innocent’s daughter, Ina Innocent, who resented being a part of what she called “puerile propaganda”—that the show was a “useless waste of time.” After Richard’s death, and Ina’s takeover of the company, the show was only shown during 3am timeslots. Nevertheless, it remains popular with people who dislike Innocent’s politics, and has been used as a way to mock her and the company during protests. Despite being a children’s show, Ina the Innocent is an important cultural artjfact that persists through this day.

— Lawrence Mainnaim, Junior Media Studies Paper


You go into “Ina the Innocent” as propaganda, but don’t explore the implications of it being propaganda. What does it say about our culture that something so visibly facile and politically motivated was shown to our children for years with abandon? What does it mean that the program candidly discussed a hierarchy of sentient beings? And how is it that we as a culture have come to accept that we are mired in lies and stories designed to hold us in place? If Ina the Innocent was the beginning of propaganda—did it really end? Or did it just get more insidious?

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In this episode, Zybil (Ronnie) and Hum4n (Ellie) play edutainment games for children, Earl (Drew) promotes good communication, and Adie (Avery) does some accidental remodeling.


Dicey Situations ( and @diceysitchcast) is an actual play rpg podcast starring Jess (@jesspretend), Drew, Ellie (@theundeadlemon), Avery (@crapiocaa) and Ronnie (@ronithebear). Cover art by Ronnie, music by Jess.


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