Pinnacle Episode 3: It Ends With A Theme Song

July 31, 2017

What is The Dreaming?

The Dreaming is the name of the cybernet, formally owned by Innocence, Incorporated (One of our greatest friends and sponsors, and one of our greatest clients!). The Center of the Dreaming is the Crying Child, the massive web of information that all of the Dreaming passes through. It’s one of the most complex hypercomputers ever devised, and we all access it every day!

If you die in the Dreaming, do you die in real life?

Don’t be silly! Why would a technomagical utopia on this scale have any need to have such a system in place? If you die in the Dreaming, you wake up. There are plenty of Firewalls in place to ensure that the Dreaming is perfectly safe.

(CW for people with audio sensitivity or misophonia – there is a very sonically unpleasant theme song at the end of this episode!)

In this episode, Earl (Drew) has tech issues, Hum4n (Ellie) makes a new friend, Adie (Avery) misunderstands how customer service works, and Zybil (Ronnie) gets a nice scone.


Dicey Situations ( and @diceysitchcast) is an actual play rpg podcast starring Jess (@jesspretend), Drew, Ellie (@theundeadlemon), Avery (@crapiocaa) and Ronnie (@ronithebear). Cover art by Ronnie, music by Jess.

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