Pinnacle Episode 2: That’s Our Rat’s Name

July 17, 2017

Hello, and welcome to Venus, Inc, a family-begun company that specializes in Dreaming Insurance and Investigations. As one of our investigators, you could be from any number of interesting and exciting backgrounds, including humans! Elves! Sentient Brain Dogs! Robots (robots must maintain a 3 on the Aisimov rating and be able to pass at least two Turing tests and 1 (one) empathy test.) Venus, inc, breaks out from its competitors, because all of our adjusters and investigators come from different backgrounds, all of which can easily be applied to Dreaming Insurance.

In this episode, Earl (Drew) is too old for this shit, Hum4n (Ellie) has some fashion issues, Adie (Avery) skirts HR disaster, and Zybil (Ronnie) is so, so late. Also there’s a murder mystery.


Dicey Situations ( and @diceysitchcast) is an actual play rpg podcast starring Jess (@jesspretend), Drew, Ellie (@theundeadlemon), Avery (@crapiocaa) and Ronnie (@ronithebear). Cover art by Ronnie, music by Jess.

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