Pinnacle Trailer

July 4, 2017

Welcome to Dicey Situations, an actual play RPG podcast where 5 friends take turns running roleplaying games. The first campaign, Pinnacle, is hosted by Jess, and played by Ronnie, Drew, Ellie, and Avery, in a home-brew campaign developed by Jess.

After the end of the world, surrounded by fields of poison poppies, lies the green glass city of Pinnacle, a techno-magical dystopia filled with sapient robots, rat-folk, and immortal elves. The city is vast and limiting, controlled and powered by corporations and factions housed in glittering spires that tower over crumbling slums. There is an escape – The Dreaming, a city-wide virtual reality network in which you can be anything you want to be.  Of course, there are always accidents, infringements, insurance claims. But no wrongful death claims – when you die in the Dreaming, you wake up in real life.

Until now.

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