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July 10, 2016

First off, shout out to our hosts at SiteGround and WordPress for making this enterprise even imaginable.

Like an ever encroaching beast, Dicey Situations is coming! Yet another actual play podcast based around many different systems and play styles.

The deal is; we’re all friends, and we take turns running a campaign. Each campaign is in a different or similar system depending on the season runner.

Season 1 is hosted by Jess, who is running a modded-to-hell AD&D 2 campaign with elements of Normality, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, and a bunch of other picked and chosen game builders. It’s set in Pinnacle, a cyberpunk magitech dystopian future, and the players are cyberpunk magitech dystopian insurance agents. Think Paprika meets Brazil.

The Players and their Characters (Season 1)

Jess is the game runner. She’s found on twitter @jesspretend and has a comic found here.

Drew plays Earl, a bitter old BDSM wizard with bear arms. Drew is found on the internet somewhere. Drew and Earl both use he/him pronouns.

Ellie plays Hum4n, a robot druid who grows moss and small birds. Ellie runs a bad life advice blog, Bad Life Advice. Ellie and Hum4n both use she/her pronouns.

Avery plays Adie, a religious zealot who thinks robots are tools and nothing more, and is basically that coworker who’s mostly ok but sometimes things get uncomfortable. Avery is found @crapiocaa on twitter and PugTeeth is their website. Avery and Adie both use they/them pronouns.

Ronnie plays Zybil, a ratfolk hacker folk who is interning at the insurance agency as a way to pay off some youthful vandalism. Ronnie is @ronithebear on twitter and has a comic called GQutie found here. They also draw comics for EverydayFeminism here. Ronnie uses they/them pronouns, Zybil uses zey/zem pronouns.

Episodes and artwork coming soon! We hope you drop by!

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